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01-2 girls and bulldog in the distance02- 6 MSHS Dancers --need names03--7 dancers MSHS04--9 MSHS Dancers --need namesBailey Clause manages the ticket table at the MSHS Dance Competition05-  boys dancers and the horse--need namesboys dancers_Dance teams from all over the state participated Saturday-including this team from Coal CIty, ILEventual 2A Champions-Morris High School wait in the wings before their performancemorris dancers 1morris dancers 2Mr. DiFilippo helps Andrew Con Holten stream the MSHS Dance competition on the internetMSHS Dance team and the Boys Dance Team06--MSHS Dance teams (I'll get the names for you) _07-- MSHS Dancer --need namePacked gym for the Dance CompetitionSerious faced judges during the dance competition08--Sophie ??? elevates above her teammates at the Dance Competition saturday09--sophie et alThird place award